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Power Clean Baby Bottle Brush

Power Clean Baby Bottle Brush

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Introducing Power Clean, the revolutionary electric baby bottle brush designed to simplify and streamline the bottle cleaning process for busy parents.

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Power Clean combines the convenience of automation with the effectiveness of thorough cleaning to ensure that your baby's bottles are pristine and ready for use in no time. Powered by a high-performance motor, this electric brush effortlessly removes stubborn residue and stains from bottles, nipples, and other feeding accessories with minimal effort required from you.

Equipped with interchangeable brush heads, Power Clean offers versatility to tackle various cleaning needs. The soft yet durable bristles effectively scrub away milk residue, formula buildup, and bacteria, while the gentle silicone bristles ensure a thorough yet gentle clean for delicate items like nipples and pacifiers.

Designed with safety in mind, Power Clean features a sleek and ergonomic handle that provides a comfortable grip during use. The waterproof construction allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, while the detachable brush heads make it a breeze to switch between different cleaning tasks.

With its intuitive one-touch operation, Power Clean is incredibly easy to use – simply press the button to activate the brush and let it do the hard work for you. Say goodbye to endless scrubbing and soaking – with Power Clean, you can enjoy more quality time with your little one while ensuring their feeding essentials are hygienically clean and safe.

Make bottle cleaning a breeze with Power Clean – the ultimate solution for hassle-free baby bottle maintenance. Invest in Power Clean today and experience the convenience of effortless cleaning at your fingertips.

What is included?

1 x Handheld Host
1 x Bottle Brush
1 x Nipple Brush
1 x Nipple Brush
1 x Straw Brush
1 x Brush Extension

How long does it take to charge?

The charging time for the Power Clean Baby Bottle Brush is 3 hours for a full charge.

What is the work time on a full charge?

The work time for the Power Clean Baby Bottle Brush on a full charge is 90 minutes with a 1500 mAh battery.

What is the speed of the Power Clean Baby Bottle Brush?

The Power Clean Baby Bottle Brush offers a 360 rotation at two adjustable speeds, making cleaning easier.

How to clean the Power Clean Baby Bottle Brush?

The Power Clean Baby Bottle Brush can be cleaned in boiling water up to 220 degrees celsius for 3-5 minutes.


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